I recently had an opportunity to speak at the First State Conference of Academy of Family Physicians of India- Karnataka chapter on the adoption of technology by family physicians.

During my post-graduate training in Family Medicine, I was given a mantra by my mentor that he considered very important for being a successful Family physician. He called it the “4As for Family Medicine”.
A: Availability
A: Affordability
A: Affability
A: Ability, in that order.

Family Medicine is a very information- intense specialty. Family physicians take care of patients of all ages regardless of their specific medical problems and are trained to be patient-centered instead of disease-centered. An efficient and mindful use of technology can help Family Physicians to achieve the 4 As in building a successful practice in Family Medicine.

These are some of the technology tools that I have seen commonly used by my peers.

1. Appointment Scheduling (Availability/ Affordability): Practo, Quikwell, Lybrate, Ziffi etc
2. Electronic Medical Records: Although most of the hospital systems and the clinic consortiums use their proprietary products, some of the popularly used EMRs are Practo, Easyclinic, Plus91, Praxify, Clinicea etc
3. Medical Knowledge base (Ability): Family medicine being an information-intensive specialty, A busy family physician may find it very difficult to stay up-to-date on the every journal article. I, for instance, follow thought-leaders in Family Medicine on Twitter and usually hear about the latest academic happenings in Family Medicine on Twitter first. I also use Feedly/ Zite/ Flipboard as RSS aggregators

Here are my slides from the presentation: